All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs – Part Nine

Well, Giancarlo knocked another one out of the park a few days ago, so that means it’s time for the return of All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs. It was his 34th of the season, which equaled his total from 2011. GIF!

Home run #34 – September 11 – off Roy Halladay – 371 feet

Roy Halladay generally seems like a pretty intense guy. He doesn’t like talking to anyone on the days that he takes the mound. Rumor has it that before one of his starts in 2011, Wilson Valdez said “hello” to Roy Halladay. This angered Halladay so much that he hired a hitman to murder Wilson Valdez. The hit was scheduled for January 31, 2012. (The hitman is a very busy guy – no time to do it earlier.) Unfortunately for Halladay, Wilson Valdez was traded to the Cincinnati Reds on January 25 – just days before the hit was to take place. Fortunately for Valdez, the hitman that Halladay hired would not travel to Cincinnati, due to some past bad experiences. Valdez was saved.

Fast forward to September 11th (never forget), when Giancarlo Stanton hit this homerun off Halladay. Halladay was so furious after he gave up the home run, that after the game he contacted a hitman in Cincinnati to murder Wilson Valdez; again. Don’t ask me what the two things have to do with one another. Just know that Wilson Valdez’s days are numbered.


Hopefully Giancarlo will go on a nice home run streak before the end of the season so that he can get to 40 bombs. That would be swell. Until next time!


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