All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs – Part Eight

In the last three days Giancarlo Stanton has hit three home runs. That means it’s time for the return of All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs! On to the GIFs!

Home run #31 – Sept 7 – off Stephen Strasburg – 403 feet

Sequence of events: 1. Stephen Strasburg is going to be shutdown after his scheduled start on September 12. 2.Giancarlo Stanton homers off Strasburg on September 7. 3. Stephen Strasburg is immediately shut down for the rest of the year. Thanks a lot, Giancarlo!

Home run #32 – Sept 8 – off Ross Detwiler – 429 feet

If you look on the top right-hand corner of this gif, you’ll see that the footage is from a channel called “WAXY”. Alright then.

Home run #33 – Sept 9 – off Christian Martinez – ??? feet

This was only Christian Martinez’ fourth career outing in the major leagues. “It’s not too late to become a plumber,” Davey Johnson was heard telling him after the game. Then Johnson and Martinez went out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes. It’s nice to cool off after a bad day at the office. Or ballpark.


These are some fans rummaging around in the bushes trying to recover Giancarlo’s home run ball. Look at them! Notice that the young Nationals fan to their left is not going to join into their shenanigans.

That is all for now. Unless Giancarlo has secretly hit another home run that I do not know about.


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