All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs – Part Three

Hi friends. Welcome back for the third volume of All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs. Let’s get on with it, shall we.

Home run #11 – May 25 – off Tim Lincecum – 431 feet

Here we see Stanton crushing a ball beyond the home run sculpture thing at Marlins Park. So close, Giancarlo. So close. Shortly after, Jeffrey Loria was overheard saying “Haha, excellent. Trade all of the players!” On second thought, that may not have had anything to do with Stanton’s homer.

Home run # 12 – May 28 – off Jordan Zimmerman – 414 feet

This home run almost went into the Clevelander out in left field. Did anyone ever determine why it was called “The Clevelander?” Is it to commemorate the 1997 World Series against Cleveland? I remember watching that world series. I wanted Cleveland to win. They did not. This is fascinating stuff.

Home run #13 – May 30 – off Ryan Perry – 409 feet

This was the last game that Ryan Perry pitched in the majors this year. He has not been seen since. Hopefully Giancarlo Stanton does not take this news too hard.

Home run #14 – June 7 – off Eric O’Flaherty – 347 feet

Stanton’s first opposite field home run of the year came off of Eric O’Flaherty. At least I think it was his first opposite field homerun. Do you expect me to go back through the first 13 and double check? Anyway, it was initially ruled a double, but was then overturned. The umpires didn’t actually leave the field to review it, they just caught a glimpse of Stanton flexing on second base. “Yep. You betcha. It flew 40-50 feet past the wall,” second base umpire Harry Hamelin was quoted as saying.

Home run #15 – June 21 – off Daisuke Matsuzaka – 381 feet

Interesting fact: The fan who attempted to catch this home run on top of the green monster now has no arms. Or legs, surprisingly. It was a hard hit ball. That is what I am getting at.

This concludes part three of All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs. Don’t forget to return for part four. It’s packed with twists and turns. Not really. It’s just Giancarlo Stanton crushing more homers.


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