All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs – Part Two

It’s the exciting second part of All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs! This time around, Stanton hits several more home runs. Well, on to the gifs.

Home run #6 – May 7 – off Wandy Rodriguez – 365 feet

Stanton’s sixth HR of the season was off of Wandy Rodriguez at Minute Maid Park. Is Wandy short for Wandrew? Woah, no need to get so angry, I was just asking.

Home run #7 – May 13 – off Manny Acosta – 432 feet

This was Stanton’s longest home run of the season up until that point at 432 feet. It hit the sculpture thing in the outfield at Marlins Park, but sadly did not break it. Was Stanton attempting to break it? Definitely. Later that night he was seen sneaking towards it with a hammer, but little did he know that after games are over, Jeffrey Loria has the sculpture covered with a steel box. Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, Loria published some sort of book about Charlie Brown? Weird.

Home run #8 – May 16 – off Christhian Martinez – 409 feet

Why does Giancarlo wear a sleeve on only his right arm? Do you think it would be ok if I wore the same thing to work? I mean, my boss isn’t that strict when it comes to dress code, but that might be a bit too much.

Home run #9 – May 21 – off Jamie Moyer – 462 feet

This was a grand slam that broke the scoreboard at Marlins Park. It almost seems unfair to make the 63-year-old Jamie Moyer face Stanton. Moyer has grandchildren that are older than Giancarlo Stanton. Maybe. I may have just made that up.

Home run #10 – May 24 – off Ryan Vogelsong – 458 feet

After Ryan Vogelsong gave up this home run to Giancarlo Stanton, he decided to return to playing baseball in Japan. Bruce Bochy had to convince him not to leave. Unfortunately, Vogelsong had already purchased the tickets to Japan, and could not get a refund, so he ended up just spending the weekend there. It was lovely.

This has been part two of All of the Giancarlo Stanton Home Runs. Come back either later today or sometime tomorrow for part three!


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