Yo Adrian (Beltre)

I apologize for the title.

As you may be aware, Adrian Beltre hit 3 homeruns last night. It would have been cool if he had hit 4, but he did not. He hit 3. Oh well, still cool.

I tried to get an image of Adrian Beltre, but could only license a picture of this bell tray.

Besides the 3-HR night, Beltre is also putting together another fine season in Texas. He has been worth 3.9 fWAR so far, on pace for somewhere around 5 wins above replacement, which would be his third straight 5 win season, and the fourth of his career. Since he debuted in 1998, he has accumulated 60 fWAR, which has been topped by only 12 players. Over that same time period, he is tied with Scott Rolen for 2nd place in terms of fielding value, behind only Andruw Jones, who is now old and . . . well, let’s just say hefty. And the good news for Adrian Beltre, is that he’s still just 33. He could presumably play for another 5 or so seasons, and even with an average rate of decline, he would end up with somewhere around 75 career wins above replacement – which would place him in the top 10 all time for third baseman. Those types of numbers should make him a great candidate for the Hall of Fame, although Ron Santo had 79.6 career fWAR, and you know how that turned out for him.

Even during his Seattle years, when a lot of Mariners fans were unhappy with his play* he was still worth 16.7 WAR over 5 years – an average of 3.35 per season – well above average, and 9th highest of any third baseman over that time frame. Aside: seventh place was Chone Figgins.

*I’m pretty sure I’m not making this up. I could research it to find out for sure, but I’ll just stay with my original assumption.

So, I guess what I’m getting at here is that Adrian Beltre is unappreciated. He’s been great for more than a decade now. He really only had one MVP type season, in 2004 when he hit 48 homeruns with the Dodgers, but he’s had some other great years as well. So, yeah. Appreciate Adrian Beltre.


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