Jeremy Guthrie – Not worthless?

First, the facts:

  • Jeremy Guthrie, with the Orioles, started 153 games between 2007 and 2011 with a 4.12 ERA and a 4.64 FIP.
  • He threw 983.1 innings over those 5 seasons, the 16th highest of any pitcher in the major leagues.
  • He was worth 11 fWAR over those 5 years, 0r 2.2/year. Basically just a hair above league average.
  • In the offseason, Jeremy Guthrie was traded to the Colorado Rockies for Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom. Hammel put up 2.8 fWar over 18 starts with the Orioles before getting injured.
  • Jeremy Guthrie made 15 starts and 4 relief outings with the Rockies. He pitched 90.2 innings and gave up 122 hits. He had a 6.35 ERA, and a 6.37 FIP. He was worth -0.7 fWAR. At one point the Rockies moved him into the bullpen. Virtually all of Jeremy Guthrie’s value is tied to his ability to eat innings. Jim Tracy.
  • Apparently this was not the type of performance Colorado was expecting when they acquired him, so they traded him to the Kansas City Royals for Jonathan Sanchez, who was pitching equally bad. Well, actually worse. He had a 7.76 ERA and had walked 44 in 53.1 innings. They saved a million-or-so dollars.
  • After the trade, Jonathan Sanchez continued to pitch terribly. This was not the case with Jeremy Guthrie.
  • In 6 starts with the Royals, Jeremy Guthrie has thrown 39 innings, with a 3.23 ERA and 3.20 FIP. He has struck out 31. He struck out 14 more hitters in Colorado in 51.2 more innings.
  • He saved a child from a burning building.
  • He no-hit the White Sox into the 7th yesterday.

Secondly, what the hell is happening with Jeremy Guthrie? I know pitching in Colorado is terrible, but still. That’s ridiculous. No one would have signed Guthrie in the offseason if he had stayed in Colorado, but now someone might. (I’m looking at you Dayton Moore.)

Please someone tell me what is happening with Jeremy Guthrie.


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