Video Game Alter-Egos

I don’t know if any of you folks play MLB 12 The Show, but I do from time to time, and I have some thoughts on it I’d like to share. First off, the entire “The Show” franchise I find incredibly difficult. Maybe that’s because I have the finger dexterity of a chimpanzee* – I don’t know, but I especially suck at hitting. I think in total I’ve taken maybe 3 non-intentional walks in all of the games I’ve played. Basically, I perform like Yuniesky Betancourt whether I’m controlling Yuniesky Betancourt or Joey Votto. Once in a while I get lucky and knock one out of the park, which is kind of the point I’m getting at here. I find myself becoming attached to certain players based on their/my performance as them in The Show.

*It’s possible chimpanzees don’t have poor dexterity. I haven’t studied it.

Example A is Will Venable. I played a number of games in MLB 12 as the San Diego Padres, and let me tell you, their lack of hitting in real life certainly transfers over to the game. Except for Will Venable. For some reason, Will Venable is amazing in MLB 12. I, as Will, was crushing homeruns and triples left and right – quite often providing the only runs in the game. This performance leads to some confusion on my part when I think of Will Venable as a player. See, I think of Venable as a great player – because I immediately recall him scattering extra base hits in MLB 12. Then when I actually go look at his stats, they fall short. Now Will Venable’s not awful by any means. He’s got some speed and he has a 107 wRC+ this year. And last year. And the year before that. I think it’s safe to say Will Venable’s true talent level is around a 107 wRC+ – a far cry from the 1.000+ OPS he’s putting up in MLB 12 The Show.

I don’t know if other people have this problem as well, but it’s a bit troubling. I have enough statistics in my head as it is without memorizing imaginary stats as well. And jesus christ that game is hard.


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