Pick the Real Houston Astros!

Last night, while perusing all that the internet has to offer, I happened across the box score from the Houston Astros – Milwaukee Brewers game. The first thing that jumped out at me was not that the Astros lost 10-1 (that was expected), but that a person named Chuckie Fick pitched 3 innings of relief for Houston. I have never heard of this person (presumably male) before, and I realized that there were probably many members of the Houston Astros who were unknown to me. So without further ramblings, I present a game of Pick the Real Houston Astros!*

*Did you know that every single time I have typed Astros so far in this post I first typed Astors and then had to go back and correct it?

Presented here, are 10 names who may or may not be members of the current Houston Astros*. Your job is to pick which ones are actual players, and which ones I made up.

*I just typed Astors again, I kid you not.
  1. Charles Rodriguez
  2. Chuckie Fick (you should get this one right)
  3. Dallas Kreuchel
  4. Javier Hemorrhoids
  5. Tucker Carlson
  6. Wesley Wright
  7. Steve Pearce
  8. Scott Moore
  9. James Kentucky
  10. Burt Bacharach

Correct answers below:

2,3,6,7,8 are all real members of the Houston Astros baseball team. Javier Hemorrhoids is unfortunately not real, but that would be hilarious if he were.

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