Braves sign Miguel Batista

Have you heard of Miguel Batista? He’s a pitcher. Well, the Mets released him yesterday, because he had been pitching poorly. Now, he’s 41 years old, so this shouldn’t be too surprising. What is surprising, is that the Atlanta Braves signed him today. Those same Braves are currently in second place in the wild card race (or first place in the second wild-card race, if you will.) Miguel Batista has walked 6 batters/9 innings so far this year. That is one of the key factors that likely led to his release by the Mets. What is unkown, is what are the key factors that led to his signing by the Braves.

Here are some other Miguel Batista facts you may or may not have known previously:

Starting in 2004 at the age of 34, and continuing for a season and a bit, Miguel Batista became the Toronto Blue Jays closer. Before that year he had 1 career save. During his time with the Jays, he had 36 saves. Despite racking up a bunch of saves, he didn’t pitch real well. Did you know that in 2005 Derrick Turnbow was a dominant closer?

Before the 2008 season, Batista signed a three year deal with the Seattle Mariners, for $25 million. The first year was for $6 million, while the last two were for $9.5 million. Per season. That seems like a lot of money for 37 and 38 year old Miguel Batista. The first year of the deal Batista was actually decent, putting up 2.4 WAR. The last two years, (for a combined $19 million, I might add) the Mariners received -1.3 WAR for their money. A fine investment.

Baseball Reference’s Bullpen section for Miguel Batista states that he is working on a crime novel. While this seems like something that I would put in as a joke, I assure you that I did not. I also cannot verify its accuracy.



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