Is Aroldis Chapman “good?”

Don’t worry, I haven’t suffered a stroke. That title is a joke.* I already know that Aroldis Chapman is good. But how good? Let’s take a look:

*Probably my closer when I go into standup comedy! I’m here all week.

46.2 IP – 19 H – 9 R – 8 ER – 14 BB – 89 K

Chapman’s K/9 is 17.16 right now. Kenley Jansen set the record last year for K/9 at 16.1.

Chapman has struck out 50.3% of the batters he has faced this year. That’s more than half. That’s crazy. (Jansen struck out 44% last year)

In June Aroldis Chapman had a few bad games. After starting out the season by not allowing an earned run in his first 29 innings, he had a bit of a rough stretch, where over 7 games he blew 3 saves and gave up 8 ER in 6.1 innings. Since then, he’s struck out 28 of the 40 batters he’s faced. That’s 70%. That means if he strikes out 2 in 1 inning, his K% goes down. That’s 28 Ks in 11.1 IP since June 26; a K/9 of 22.2. Rumor has it, the only people that haven’t struck out with him are the ladies!

I apologize. That didn’t even really make sense.

Did you know that Aroldis Chapman has never had a major league at-bat?

Aroldis Chapman is 58th in all of baseball in strikeouts with 89. He has thrown 46.2 innings, which I mentioned earlier. Everyone else ahead of him in strikeouts has thrown over 100 IP except Bud Norris, who has thrown 96.1. Are you guys getting a sense of how good Aroldis Chapman is? What about a sense of how much I like him? If Aroldis Chapman asked me to murder my entire family, I would strongly consider it. I mean, I’m not sure why he would ask me to do that, so I would probably have some questions regarding that first off, but if he had a really good reason, I would consider it. Please don’t tell my family I said this.


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