Ryan Dempster – Traded?

Hey fellas, did you know that Ryan Dempster has been traded to the Atlanta Braves? Maybe. Or maybe not. No one can be sure. Some people seemed sure. But then Dempster himself seemed to contradict that.

The Braves currently are in the 2nd wildcard spot in the NL, but are only a half game up on the Dodgers. Their rotation has been an unexpected weakness, following the losses of Brandon Beachy and Arodys Vizcaino to Tommy John, and the relative ineffectiveness of Tommy Hanson and Randall Delgado, who could be on his way to the Cubs.

Dempster offers an immediate upgrade over Delgado this season for the Braves, so it’s a good move for them for the stretch run, but also gives the Cubs an arm with some upside going forward. If it happens at all, that is. It may not. Or it may. Perhaps Ryan Dempster planned out this whole scenario to get more twitter followers. I wouldn’t put it past him.


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