The San Diego Padres 2012 Starting Staff

I don’t know if you saw my previous post on July 5 regarding the number of starting pitchers each team has used so far in 2012, but even if you did, you likely forgot about it seconds after reading. Well, good news, I’m bringing it up again due to the San Diego Padres; who have used an MLB high 13 starters so far this season. You may not know this, but in the 8 games the Padres have played since that post, they have not used any more unique starting pitchers. Hooray! They have probably tried to sneak a few more starters into the rotation, but have so far been unsuccessful. Here is the Padres’ current rotation: Clayton Richard, Edinson Volquez, Jason Marquis, Kip Wells, and Ross Ohlendorf. Cough.

Kip Wells has made 4 starts for the Padres this year totaling 22.1 IP. If you look at Kip Wells’ ERA, which is 2.82, you might think “Hey! This Kip Wells fellow is pretty good. Luckily he was available to plug a spot in the Padres’ rotation! Too bad he was not available at the beginning of the year, or he could have been in the running for the Cy Young!” Then, you will look a little closer and you will see that he has 13 walks and 9 strikeouts. When you see this, you will be furious that Kip Wells has deceived you.

Interesting fact: During 2010 when Kip Wells was not playing in the major leagues, he was one of America’s most wanted fugitives for his role in a string of violent bank robberies in the midwest.*

*I made this up.

You may not be aware, but your uncle Stan has made 2 starts for the Padres this season. Maybe you didn’t even realize that he was still playing. You should call him.

Ross Ohlendorf has made 2 starts this year for the Padres, and is scheduled to start tonight against the Astros. He has allowed 36 baserunners so far in 17 innings. That works out to be a 2.118 WHIP. If his WHIP were 1.118, that would be pretty good. Unfortunately, it is not.

I have heard that the next starting pitcher that the Padres will call upon is Pedro Martinez. Not that Pedro Martinez. This one. The Padres reliever from the early 90s. He’s only 43.

Jeff Suppan made 6 starts this year for the Padres. He walked 13 and struck out 7. This performance was deemed “unacceptable” and he was cut loose. Poor Jeff Suppan.

That’s all I have to say for now about the San Diego Padres starting rotation.




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