2012 Projections – February 6th

Here’s my first draft of projections for the upcoming season done with WAR projections by team. I see the Yankees as being the best team in baseball coming out with 95 wins and being a bit ahead of the Rays and Red Sox in the competitive AL East. The Tigers win the AL Central, but Cleveland could be in the running if they make a few upgrades. The Rangers and Angels show as being tied at the top of the AL West, but the Rangers are just a hair better; enough to take the division title. The Rays and Angels take the Wild Cards, just ahead of the Red Sox.

In the NL the Phillies take the east by a fairly wide margin over the Braves, Marlins and Nationals, who are all tight together. The Reds take the Central ahead of the Cards and Brewers, and Arizona takes the West, but by default as they’re the only team to finish above .500. The Wild Cards go to Atlanta and St. Louis, but if Miami or Washington improves a bit they’ll make the race interesting.

The most recent version of my projections can be found under the 2012 Projections link at the top of the page.

AL East W L NL East W L
New York 95 67 Philadelphia 93 69
Tampa Bay 93 69 Atlanta 85 77
Boston 92 70 Miami 84 78
Toronto 84 78 Washington 84 78
Baltimore 70 92 New York 75 87
AL Central W L NL Central W L
Detroit 84 78 Cincinnati 89 73
Cleveland 79 83 St. Louis 85 77
Chicago 77 85 Milwaukee 82 80
Kansas City 74 88 Chicago 71 91
Minnesota 72 90 Pittsburgh 70 92
Houston 62 100
AL West W L NL West W L
Texas 93 69 Arizona 82 80
Los Angeles 93 69 San Francisco 80 82
Oakland 74 88 Colorado 80 82
Seattle 72 90 Los Angeles 76 86
San Diego 75 87



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